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FAQs on iOS

Here are a few questions which you might have about your iOS powered gadget, and their respective answers.

  • Is the iOS system a good thing?

Definitely. The iOS has a lot of advantages over its strongest competitor, the Android system. The difference between them will be felt most by developers.

  • What are the benefits of the iOS system?

You could think of it in terms of quality over quantity. While the Android system will make available a lot of apps, the iOS system will make available high-quality apps. Hence, the emphasis of iOS is on quality, not on quantity.

  • Does the iOS offer a lot of games?

Sure. If you’re really the gaming type, then iOS will not disappoint. There are a lot of games from which you can choose, and upon choosing them, you can now get rid of those times when you were bored beyond belief.

  • What are examples of games that I can play on my iPhone?

Well, it really depends on what you’re into. If you like battles and wars, you can try Galaxy of Pen & Paper. If you’re into Puzzle-solving games, then you can check out Monument Valley 1. This is the second installment of Monument Valley 1, by the way. Apart from these, there are a lot of other options which you can definitely try for yourself.

  • Are there some secret hacks that you have to know regarding the use of your iOS-powered gadget?

Actually, there are so many of them. You can check out tips on how to maximize the use of gestures so that you can best handle your gadget. You can also maximize your use of Siri, enabling Siri to call an Uber for your ride home, and many other tips for better use.

  • If you like using your camera, is there a trick for that, too?

You might not expect this, but there are actually several tricks you can try with your camera app on your iPhone. First thing you can try is to take a still picture while you’re taking a video. You can do this by simply pressing that little button which you can find in the corner of your screen.

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