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Do You Know Your iPhone Well Enough?

You love your iPhone; but do you know it?

iphoneThey say that loving always entails knowing. For example, if you say you love your wife, then that requires that you know a lot about your wife, right? You have to know what your wife loves and hates, you have to know your wife’s strengths and weaknesses, and many more. The same can be said about your favorite online shopping platform. If you say you love Lazada, then it’s a given that you have to know by heart its many promos, such as the voucher code for Lazada Philippines. On the other hand, if your favorite is AliExpress, then you have to be a master of the AliExpress coupon and booking discount code. The point is this: to claim that you love it means you have to really know it. If you’re worrying about paying your “20 jaar zorgverzekering” or 20 years of health insurance, you can buy iPhone through installments. There are also mobile accessories that you can purchase online using albelli discount code.

The same can be said about your iPhone: do you love it? You say you do, but do you know it well enough? Here are a few things that might surprise you about your iPhone, and perhaps, make you love it just a little more. You might be wishing for a promo today, but iPhone has a lot of unique features that makes it a bit expensive.

iOS Hacks

Here’s a ridiculously useful gesture hack: let’s say you press the green call button in the Phone app. What happens? Interestingly enough, you’ll be able to redial the last number you called. Also, if you’re in something like the App Store, there’s a special gesture applicable for that, too. You can press 10 times on any of those menu buttons which you can find at the bottom. What does this do? This allows you to reset the cache, if something is playing up.

camAnother hack is good for your camera tricks. Here’s one great gesture. When you’re recording a video, try pressing that other little round button which you see in the corner of the screen. This allows you to take a still picture as well. Also, if you hold down the photo button while taking a picture, the camera will switch to burst mode, thereby allowing you to take a lot of pictures – perfect when you’re trying to photograph a moment of action. Now, you can use this trick while taking shots at the amsterdam museumplein or other places you want to travel.

Third hack is good for your battery use. You can simply head straight to your settings and select the Battery option. Inside this Battery option you’ll find a list of apps that have been consuming your battery for the past seven days and 24 hours. (Facebook is one of the most common offenders, by the way).

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